Highly Bioavailable Sublingual Reduced L-Glutathione
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What it is:
The innovative sublingual Oxithion Sublingual Tablets is formulated as fast dissolving sublingual tablets, with an innovative patented technology, thanks to which glutathione is rapidly absorbed through the sublingual mucosa before reaching the systemic circulation without being metabolized and then inactivated by the liver.

What it does:
Oxithion Sublingual Tablets is a supplement containing reduced L-Glutathione (100mg), a natural tripeptide. It is the most powerful endogenous anti-oxidant. Glutathione protects the body from oxidative stress, inflammation and toxins, thereby improving the body’s functional status. Oxidative stress causes damage to cellular macromolecules resulting in physiological aging and the degenerative processes that occur in age-related diseases. Glutathione supplementation helps to delay the aging and degenerative processes, thereby keeping the body healthy and youthful.

Key Ingredient

Reduced L-glutathione

Other ingredients
Excipients: Mannitol, Sorbitol, Aroma lemon; Sweeteners: Aspartame, Saccharin sodium.

• Oral Use
• Take 1-2 tablets a day.
• Place one tablet under the tongue and allow to dissolve before swallowing.

Caution: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult your doctor before taking Oxithione.
Keep out of reach of young children.
Do not exceed recommended daily intake.

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