Myths about getting botox and fillers

Myth: Getting injected will make you look like you’ve had “work” done.

This one is understandable since we have all seen the stories of botched injections, but it is a completely unfounded fear. To maintain a natural appearance, it’s about rejuvenating your looks, not making you look different. Find an injector who is experienced and understands anatomy and the natural proportions of the face, and no one has to know that you’ve gone under the needle, if that is your concern at all.

Myth: Botox and fillers are unbearably painful

There will always be some amount of discomfort when having cosmetic injections, but it is by no means unbearable. Many compare the sensation of Botox injections to that of a mosquito bite, which is certainly not excruciating. Fillers can be a little more uncomfortable, but the majority contain the numbing agent lidocaine to minimize discomfort, making the procedure a walk in the park. Dr Berkowitz also uses a special vibration device to increase comfort at each injection site.

Myth: Botox and Filler Treatments Require A Lot Of Downtime

Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, dermal fillers and botox typically do not require any downtime. In fact, many people call these treatments a “lunchtime treatment” because you can get a botox or filler treatment during your lunch break and go right back to work afterwards. Some people choose to schedule some time off if they experience swelling or bruising, but most patients can get right back to their day’s activities.

Myth: There’s a set amount of time that each injectable lasts.

People believe there’s a set time limit, but that’s the biggest misconception. Articles and ads make sure to say ‘it lasts up to.. It’s not a hard-and-fast guarantee that the same will hold true for you. It simply means that when it was being tested, this was the longest it lasted. Many factors affect the longevity of the results, including which product is used and where it’s injected in the face. Rather than getting hung up on a set time frame, it is recommended to focus on when you notice the effects starting to wear off and use that as a guideline. And it’s better to come in more frequently for subtle tweaks rather than book a yearly appointment where you do more.Not only does this make for a more natural result, but it also spreads out the cost and minimizes any trauma to your face. And when it comes to toxin injections, if you initially do them more frequently, you’ll eventually be able to use less and go longer in between. If you go every three months the first year, you start to lose that muscle memory that creates the wrinkle. Over time, you’ll be able to stretch it out to every four or six months.

Myth: Once you have Botox or fillers, you must continue to have them forever more

Many people believe that once you start having Botox injections or dermal fillers, your skin will sag and wrinkle more than ever before if you stop the treatments. This is not true. When the effects of Botox or fillers wear off, your skin will look exactly the same as it did before the treatment and no worse. It’s simply that most people are so happy with the results of their treatments that they continue to have them for many years to come.

Fillers and Botox cannot be used together

You don’t have to pick between one or the other; fillers and Botox can give incredible results when used together. Dermal fillers are only temporary because they are gradually broken down and absorbed by surrounding tissues, and this process is accelerated in particularly mobile areas, for example around the mouth of across the forehead. Botox is designed to gently inhibit muscle movement, so when injected into the same area as a filler, it can help the filler to last longer. You can usually have Botox and filler injected during the same treatment session.

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