Family Medicine

We treat the following illness and symptoms:

Acute & Emergency Medical Conditions
• Common Cold, Cough, High Fever, Diarrhoea, Vomiting, Asthma, Allergic Reaction, Urinary Tract Infection, Chest Pain, Giddiness etc.
Chronic Medical Conditions
Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Asthma, Thyroid, Gastric Problems etc
Children Medical Services
Baby Check-up, Vaccination, Cough, Cold, Flu, Asthma, Chickenpox, Diarrhoea, Vomitting, Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Eczema, Fever etc.
Medical Check Up
Maid & Work Permit Renewal, OBS, Pre-employment Check-up, Taxi Driver’s license, Social Visit Pass Check-up
Health Screening
Full Body Check-up, Anti-Aging Screening, Menopause Screening, Cancer Screening
Food Handler (Typhoid), Hepatitis A & B, Influenza, Chickenpox etc.
Women’s Health
PAP Smear, Contraception, Pregnancy test, Menopause etc.
Men’s Health
Andropause, Hair Loss, Prostate Health, ED, PE, Cardio Health, Aesthetics
Minor Surgery
Tissue Glue, Stitching, Ingrown Toe Nail Removal, Ear Syringing etc.
Weight Loss
• Complete Weight Management Program to lose weight and gain health

Available at:

• E-Medical Clinic & Surgery @ Bukit Batok
• E-Medical Clinic & Surgery @ Toa Payoh