Capenergy Tecartherapy

Are you suffering from joint and muscle pain but do not want to undergo surgery or get injections? This might be the solution for you.

Capenergy Tecartherapy is a physical therapy that is part of the endogenous thermotherapy, able to significantly reduce recovery and rehabilitation time by stimulating the activation of all the body’s natural repair processes. All this thanks to the application of radiofrequency current that causes a thermal reaction in the tissues that stimulates the body’s natural healing response with immediate anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects on muscles, tendons, cartilage or bones ligaments.

Capenergy promotes lymphatic drainage, stimulate blood circulation to reduce edema, reduce pain and inflammation.The increased circulation in the affected area drags along all the toxins surrounding the ill cell (waste of cellular respiration) that accumulate in the intercellular tissue. In turn, the blood carries more oxygen (increased oxygen tension in the blood) while at the same time it removes the carbon dioxide (decreased oxygen tension in the blood). 

How is it done?

The two systems, capacitive and resistive, allow the operator to easily adjust the therapy according to the type of pathology. Capacitive transfer for tissues with high water content (muscles), resistive transfer for tissues with the highest resistance and low water content (bones, tendons, adipose tissues).

Each treatment takes about an hour. The therapist adapts the treatments to the patient’s needs.


  • Activates the body’s natural repair and anti-inflammatory processes
  • Increases the cellular metabolic processes
  • Stimulates the innate energy within biological tissues
  • Reduces recovery time by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms
  • Avoids the side effects of some drugs, such as anti-inflammatories and painkillers

Suitable for

The therapy is recommended for people of all ages who are suffering from the following conditions:

  • Arthritis and Joint pain (back, shoulder, knee, ankle etc)
  • Swollen lower limbs due to water retention
  • Sports injuries (i.e. Tennis elbows)
  • Sprained/pulled Muscles
  • Stiff muscle from sitting too long

The science behind the treatment


The high frequency energy generated modifies the permeability of the cell membrane, even when using the non-thermal application. It increases intra and extracellular ion exchange and provides effective tissue regeneration. The metabolism increases as does cell demand for oxygen.


The increased microcirculation complements bio-stimulation and provides the tissue with the elements it needs to regenerate itself. Capillary vasodilatation nourishes and brings oxygen to the tissue, improving venous and lymphatic reabsorption.


Hyperthermia greatly increases cellular metabolism and starts a restructuring process in the tissue to fight against fibrosis. The tissue is restructured even in chronic cases in which fibrosis has been present for some time such as the long term effects of a previous trauma or arthritis.