5 reasons why fillers are better than plastic surgeries

1. You can sculpt your perfect nose/face shape in under 20 minutes

You read that right! In a matter of minutes, the injected filler can help reshape your features and lift your face in the most natural way possible, all under 20 mins.

2. Little to no downtime

Because there’s no cutting, incisions or stitching involved, there’s really no downtime or a need for recovery, and very low possibility of leaving a scar. You will see a small needle mark that will last not longer than a day. Slight swelling is be expected and will last only a few days.

3. Less painful alternative to going under the knife

Injecting fillers is a very gentle procedure. Numbing cream will be applied to the injection areas before the procedure and fillers like Juvederm contains Lidocaine, a type of anesthesia, which further reduces the pain factor. Some patients have reported that they feel zero pain at all.

4. Results are reversible

In the worst case scenario where you do not like the end result of procedure, an agent can be injected into the areas where fillers were injected to metabolize and break down the fillers. There are no known side effects.

5. Results are natural

This is a deal breaker for many patients who chose fillers over plastic surgeries: fillers look so much more natural, yet results are immediately obvious to the patients themselves. Majority of the time, family and friends do not even realise that the patient had any procedures done.

There is so many fillers in the market and not all are created equal. We highly encourage you to talk to Dr Darryl Chew to discover the best treatment for you. Click here to contact us.